Pick me up
(allow 1.5 hours)

A perfect way for you to prepare yourself for whatever life throws at you with this calming back/neck/shoulder massage followed by the Deluxe facial and foot massage.

Full of life
(allow 2 hours)

This package is designed for those who need pampering. Begin with the luxurious full body massage to relieve you of all those aches and pains. Then relax and enjoy your Deluxe Ampoule Therapy with a head massage.

Pure Bliss
(allow 1.5 hours)

Begin with a nice gentle back exfoliation to clear your energy flow including a full body massage. You will then be treated to an Energy Healing which is designed to stimulate energy points in the body. This experience will relax muscles, relieve stress and restore your physical and mental balance. It also includes an Indian Head Massage.

Simply Zen
(allow 2.5 hours)

Something a little more, or special? This will make you totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Start with a nice gentle body exfoliate, then back/ neck/ shoulder massage followed by your choice of sothys intensive facials.


New Hydration Treatment (Hydra3Ha)
(75 mins)

A course of 3 treatments recommended fortnightly…

An intensely hydrating treatment which supports the skins natural moisture control functions through immediate and continuous action. Driven by Sothys Advanced Research team’s latest discovery, the exclusive active ingredient, 1055 bolet us patented extract, is now incorporated in an exciting new hydration programme with triple helix hyaluronic acid delivery.

New anti-ageing Youth Facial
(80 mins)

A course of 3 treatments recommended fortnightly… This exclusive complex cosmeceutical treatment is customized to the specific skin needs to offer a complete and customized anti-aging solution Through five steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas, experience Sothys youth effectiveness, as well as 80 minutes of relaxation and expert treatment, for visibly younger skin. BENEFITS One week after the end of the course of 3 Treatments : Up to 6 years off the skin!

[W] + Brightening Treatment
(70 mins)
(4 treatment course special)

The solution for aging skin, dull& lacking radiance. Intensive Vitamin C delivers radiance, freshness and youth to your skin. This treatment program is about improved collagen and structure, reduction of uneven pigmentation, increased oxygenation and!


Express Hydrate Me
(40 minutes)

Hydrate on the run. Skin is left instant ultra-hydrated and revitalised.

Deluxe Ampoule Therapy for everyone!
(approx 70 mins)

Your therapist will prescribe a personally designed ampoule therapy facial treatment, incorporating deep cleansing, an intensive ampoule complex and treatment mask. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant. For the following skin types: Normal-Combination skin – Balancing treatment for normal skin with T zone activity. Oily skin – Active skin treatment for oily skin with occasional breakouts. Sensitive skin – A strengthening and soothing treatment for delicate and sensitive skins. Dry-Dehydrated skin – Rich emollients and hydrating actives in this protective treatment support skin lacking essential lipids. Fragile Capillaries – A calming treatment to reduce redness and flushing associated with fragile capillaries.

Sensitive skin facial treatment
(60 mins)

Indulge in the rejuvenating power of nature with our organic skincare facials, a luxurious treat for your skin that combines the purity of natural ingredients with advanced skincare techniques. Our facials are designed to nurture and revitalize your complexion, offering a holistic approach to skincare that promotes both beauty and well-being.


personalised aromatic blend

Exfoliation and aromatherapy oils for a personalised sensory escape.

Create your own sensorial universe and enjoy a relaxing escape. Following the sugar & salt body exfoliation, choose one of three aromatic essential oil blends to create your sensory spa escape.

Lemon & Petitgrain escape; fresh, floral & relaxing.
Orange Blossom & Cedarwood escape; warm & soothing.
Cinnamon & Ginger escape; spicy & comforting.

Choose from three aromatherapy oil
(70 minutes)

A new concept of beauty care based on the search for balance between the body and souls.


Swedish Relaxation Massage
(30 minutes)
(60 minutes)
(90 minutes)

(* price changed from April 2022) Rhythmic flowing massage techniques to relax physically and spiritually, combined with acupressure points that aid lymphatic circulation whilst restoring a sense of well being. *male clients via referral only.

Aromatic Hot Stone Therapy
(90 minutes)

A total body massage using a sensual blend of oriental spices infused with warm Balinese Stones and oil. A Specialised massage technique uses harmonic movements to balance the body’s energy. You will be transported to a renewed sense of relaxation and well being.

Energy healing with massage
(70 minutes)

Back neck and shoulder massage plus Combined holistic techniques induce you into a state of deep relaxation and therefore helps to rid the body of stress and tension. Treatments can be customized to each individual’s requirements.

Hands and Feet

Love your Hand too

(15 minutes)

Exfoliate, Masge and treatment hand crem.


Eye brow tidy
(every 4 -5 weeks)
Eye brow shape first time
(or over 6wks)
Lip or chin
Jaw line
Ears or nasal
Under arm
G-bikini / G-string
Brazilian – 1st visit
Brazilian follow up from
Full leg
Half leg
Three quarter leg
From $40
Men’s chest or back
(include shoulder)
From $45
Eye lash tint
From $25
Eye brow tint
From $12
Eye lash and brow tint
From $25
Eye brow wax, lash tint and eyebrow tint
From $50
Eyelash Lift
From $50

Introduction to Sothys

As a Sothys brand ambassador, true beauty creator & skin therapist; I listen to you. I give your skin diagnosis and prescribe personalised skin care regime. With Sothys, I guide you all along your Fil de Vie™️.

Since 1946, Sothys has represented French excellence in treatments in beauty clinics and spas.

Research and development are key priorities. Each Sothys formula combines inspiration from nature and scientific rigour.

Each formula is based on 4 founding principles :


All treatments are with Sothys products.